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July 06, 2021

We Can help with your Sydney Water Hidden Leak Claim Form

Little bamboozled over your latest exorbitantly high water bill? Or perhaps you've just arrived back from holidays to pools of water in your backyard or under the house?

These are all situations in which The Pied Plumber Sydney has assisted our clients in addressing.

Before we get started, let us point out that a Sydney water-hidden leak allowance claim is certainly nothing new or ground-breaking, although frequently overlooked by plumbers when attending to concealed leaks.

Why is this so? We're presuming it's due to poor business practice with the undesire to go the extra mile.

Furthermore, most consumers with major concealed leaks are completely unaware of the assistance that is accessible.

On Sydney Waters behalf – This is considered a goodwill gesture. It's not their responsibility to have your water service functional, especially once it passes the water meter.

At The Pied Plumber, we extensively analyse all concealed water leaks, with our findings corresponding to your utility bill data.

We can accurately estimate the cost discrepancy of your current leak and compare it to prior bill cycles to see whether it has affected any past invoices.

What requirements may Sydney Water have you meet in order to process a claim?

  • Your leak is concealed or hidden. So, in this case, your dripping taps, toilet or shower is a non-claimable consideration.
  • You have not made any similar claim in the last five year period. Remember, this is a Sydney Water goodwill gesture.
  • Suppose a claim for allowance has been made outside of a 12 month period of repairs. The Pied Plumber always prefills all paperwork; however, the claim ultimately is your discretion and must be promptly made.
  • You must reside at this address, and the land may not be categorised as uninhabited or vacant at any point throughout the claim.
  • You were completely unaware of the leak. Unfortunately, we've had cases where leaks have been identified for months and left unattended with ever-rising billing cycles. Sydney water simply won't cover this.

Furthermore, if you have experienced rising soggy soil, continuously wet lawns, or have lately engaged an unlicensed "plumber" to undertake plumbing repairs on your water service. Unfortunately, these claims will not be applicable.

A licenced plumber must undertake all water service repairs and extensions. This is why hiring handymen for plumbing chores is at your own risk.

How Much of a Hidden Leak Allowance Can I Expect From Sydney Water?

In most cases, without special underlying provisions, Sydney Water will usually cover 50 per cent of increased water losses you may incur within your bill.

This includes:

  • Homeowners: Upto 550 litres per day
  • Pensioners and concession card holders: Claimable 300 litres per day, with a chargeable limitation of 400 Kilo Litres.
  • Business: Gain a straight 50 per cent for total increased use as their allowance.

Bear in mind; these figures are all based on your historical billing data. In some cases, you may be able to negotiate further allowances.

Over the years, The Pied Plumber has responded to hundreds of these unsavoury plumbing situations.

Surprisingly, no disguised leak work is ever the same and is only seldom identical. It's what keeps a sometimes monotonous plumbing routine interesting. Rest assured, we have the expertise and access to cutting-edge technology to locate, pinpoint, and repair any below-ground leak – FAST.