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Drain and Leaks - Expert and Affordable Plumbing

Pipe Leaks and Drain Blockages Repaired and Serviced in Sydney

The Pied Plumber offers a professional and prompt drain repairs service in Sydney for both home owners and small commercial businesses. Blocked drains can be very frustrating, regardless of whether they are inside or outside your home, a blocked drain is extremely inconvenient.

As the leading family plumber specialists in locating leaking pipes and unblocking drains in Sydney, we have invested thousands of dollars in the latest and most efficient equipment, specifically designed to locate and identify a variety of leaking pipes and drain blockages.

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Leaking pipe repairs in Sydney

Leaking pipes can occur both indoors and outdoors. Indoor leaks are generally quite easy to locate and fix, however external underground water leaks can be hidden for weeks, resulting in a ridiculously high water bill before they are identified and fixed.

Outdoor drain repairs: At The Pied Plumber, we specialise in locating and repairing underground water leaks in Sydney using our high-tech electronic pipe locating equipment. With our locating equipment, we can quickly and efficiently find the position of your leaking pipes and either replace them or use drain patching, where we repair the crack, but don’t replace the pipe.

Water claim forms: Since we are licensed plumbers in Sydney, when we have located and repaired the cause of your water leak, we can issue you with a water claim form. This will help you to contest the high water bill issued by the council, as it was due to a concealed leak.

Drain repairs in Sydney

Our family plumbers are frequently called out because of our specialist CCTV inspections, which result in fast and efficient drain repairs in Sydney. There are a variety of different causes of blocked drains inside properties, all of which can be easily located, identified and repaired by our experienced plumbers.

Blocked toilets: We have seen toy cars, cuddly toys, children’s reading books and even shoes, all resulting in a blocked toilet. Other causes include baby wipes, personal wipes, disposable nappies, feminine hygiene products and even grease from food items. We'll unblock it fast!

Blocked kitchen drains: One of the biggest causes of blocked kitchen drains is solidified oil, grease and food debris that has been disposed of down the sink, instead of in the correct waste receptacle. We'll take the time to train you through some maintenance methods of preventing future blockages.

Blocked laundry drains: Fluff and face tissues can easily block laundry drains, however both of these problems are usually caught by the filter in your washing machine, so they don’t occur very often.

Blocked bathroom drains: The main culprit in bathrooms is hair that blocks the shower and bath drains, and to a lesser extent, the vanity drain. Unblocking these can have their difficulties. These can often cause emergency scenarios should flooding occur to surround carpets outside your bathroom.

For the most affordable, reliable and professional leaking pipe and drain repairs in Sydney, call local the family plumbers at The Pied Plumber on 1300 13 80 80 or complete our online enquiry form.

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