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The Pied Plumber

The Pied Plumber is an award winning and family owned business providing affordable comprehensive 24/7 plumbing services Sydney wide. Searched a plumber ‘near me?’ Absolutely! Sydney’s best Plumbers in a jiffy to solve your plumbing hassle!

With more than 20 years in the business and a solid focus on offering our customers value for money and excellent customer service, we have built a strong reputation for our honesty, integrity and our high standards.

Our Sydney wide plumbing services are same day and after hours with no cheap plumbing shortcuts offering you the best plumbing solution whether your problem is small, large or down right irritating!

We’re proud to offer lifetime workmanship and written guarantees along up-front pricing with no hidden surprises across a wide range of affordable plumbing services which best suits your plumbing needs.


Finding a local plumber in Sydney for an immediate after hours call-out in an emergency situation can have its difficulties. We always have an experienced plumber on-call ready to assist!

Whether it’s a blocked drain, repairing a broken pipe or attending to a burst hot water heater – Best to call the plumbing professionals, we’re open 24/7 near you. 

Your comprehensively covered Plumbing Services

  • Drain Repairs
  • Shower, Taps & Toilet Repairs
  • Blocked Storm Water Repairs
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Hot Water Installation, Service & repairs
  • Gas & LPG Installations, Service & Repairs
  • 24/7 Emergency Service


Need a Plumbing inspection?

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The trusted name since 1995
Award winning service
On time, on budget
24/7 emergency service
Up-front & honest pricing
Service with a smile
Fixed in a jiffy
10% off for seniors & pensioners

At The Pied Plumber, we are experts in offering low cost renovations and plumbing services to Sydney home owners, landlords and small commercial businesses. Here are a few of the additional jobs we are frequently called to perform:

  • Electronic Pipe Locating
  • CCTV Inspections
  • Locating Equipment
  • Drain patching
  • Sub Soil Drainage
  • Absorption Trenches
  • New Easement Grants
  • Pump Out Systems
  • Repair Rising Damp
  • Root Poisoning Treatments
  • Fix Rusty Water
  • Pipe Relining (ask us about our trenchless options)
  • Underground leak detection and repair

Why choose The Pied Plumber For Plumbing Solutions?

If you want a reliable, professional and experienced family plumber in the local Sydney area, you can’t go wrong calling the near by team at The Pied Plumber. We focus on giving our customers the highest quality workmanship and making sure that the job is done right, first time.

  • Family owned and operated business
  • More than 20 years in the industry
  • Award winning plumbing business
  • Sydney wide plumbing services
  • High level quality control
  • Up to date technology
  • Constant staff training
  • Fast response times
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Excellent customer service
  • Upfront quotes
  • Affordable & competitive prices
  • All work guaranteed
  • Transferable warranties Sydney wide
  • Fully insured Sydney plumbers
  • Pensioner discounts
  • Seniors discounts
  • No cheap plumbing shortcuts!

If you want a reliable, professional and experienced family plumber in Sydney, you can’t go wrong calling the team at The Pied Plumber. We focus on giving our customers the highest quality workmanship and making sure that the job is done right, first time.

Taking care of our customers is our Number 1 priority, so if you need a family plumber in Sydney, don’t hesitate to give us a call. In fact, customer satisfaction is so high on our list that all of our warranties are transferable, so if you move, the new owners can still call on us during the warranty period.

When only a professional family plumber will do, call the plumbing professionals on 1300 13 80 80 or complete our online enquiry form - First class near by plumbing in Sydney at affordable prices.



  • I could not be happier with your expertise and promptness in solving my problem. In future you will always be my plumber.
    Owen, St. Ives
  • I am very impressed by your excellent service and will be more than happy to recommend your company.
    Jane B, Redfern
  • I was very pleased with the advice and the work carried out for me. I am a very satisfied customer.
    Gwen, Kingsford
  • Sam did an excellent job. I am talking about the Pied Plumber non-stop!
    Viv, Cremorne


Fortunately, you're not alone. This is an extremely common problem in Sydney households. Most of the time this is either due to hot water cylinder rust or cast-iron pipe supply issues. (if in older properties)

Open your taps independently to check whether the discolouration occurrence is on both hot and cold sides. If your issue is predominantly from the hot side - your hot water heater is asking for a check-up.

Finding this on both sides? It's a likely supply issue.

Discolouration can range from a slight cloudy white tinge to black, brown and orange water supplies. To check, simply fill a clear cup sample and focus notibly on the bottom for sedimentation.

On occasion, even a Sydney Water street mains break can affect surrounding property supply so in the meantime, continue using your plumbing and after a day or two - if the problem persists, have this looked over.

Otherwise, give us a call! We would be more than happy to help. 1300 13 80 80

Short answer; check your cleaner packaging before use. Anything bleach based when used inside your cistern can chemically deteriorate internal rubbers and valve parts. If your cistern cleaner is bright blue in particular - this voids most manufacture warranties of cistern components.

Quick tip from the boss: If you're one to use cleaners inside the toilet rim; look into dissolvable stick-on products rather than hanging manifolds. You'd be doing yourself a huge favour as you'd be surprised how many call outs Plumbers obtain from foreign objects caught down the dunny when flushed. Some can involve fairly significant works to retrieve.

Just remember - bleach for the pan, not your cistern!

Always happy for a chat if you're experiencing any issues.

1300 13 80 80


Here at The Pied Plumber - We love resolving your issues. Some seemingly more urgent than others.
We'll arrive for a leaking tap and then get that question on the way out: "OHHH while you're here. We have this bathroom which we barely use that smells!"

While in these cases you may in fact have underlying plumbing issues - The most common here is that all your plumbing around the property will require regular use.
In areas where (for example) an ensuite bathroom is used every 6 months - what occurs in these cases is that the water levels in the traps around the sinks and floors slowly drop as they evaporate. This leads to water seal loss allowing odour to then travel into the area from the sewer service.
There is an easy fix!

Make sure you run water services in the room at least every few weeks whilst making sure that water always reaches the floor wastes. You may otherwise be a victim to poor plumbing design where these floor wastes may require manual top up.
Make sure the room is well ventilated and if the problem persists - We're a call away!

We know design! Call the expects if you're still stuck!

1300 13 80 80

At The Pied Plumber, we understand that knowing how to lower your water bills in Sydney will go a long way to helping families manage their budgets in a tough climate.

Never fear! There are ways that you can reduce your water bills whether this be installing water efficient appliances and fixtures or by ensuring that leaks are isolated and fixed promptly. Not only will these actions help you to save money on your water bills, but by conserving water we can all help to save our our dams during drought seasons.

5 strategies for saving money on your water bills in Sydney

  1. Check your toilet for leaks: Add a few drops of food colouring into the cistern and wait for 30 minutes. If the cistern is leaking into the pan, you will see the coloured water in the bowl.
  2. Install a dual flush cistern: This can save you up to 5 litres of water every time you flush the toilet, which can add up to thousands of litres per year.
  3. Check fixture flow rates: Our family plumbers will check the flow rates of your shower heads, bath, vanity, kitchen and laundry taps and install water restrictors, which reduce the flow rates to save you money.
  4. Repair leaking taps: One or more dripping taps can add up to a lot of wasted water and higher than normal bills. So whether these are indoors or outdoors, the prompt repair of leaking taps is essential to conserving water and saving money on your water bills in Sydney.
  5. Hidden underground leaks: Often, the first time you realise that you have an insidious underground water leak is when you receive an abnormally high water bill. Leaks from underground mains water pipes however, can be difficult to locate, which is why our electronic pipe locating equipment comes in handy. Our family plumbers will quickly and efficiently locate the source of your underground water leak and repair the pipes, helping you to save money on your water bills in Sydney.

Lower your water bills with a water leak claim form

When you have a concealed water leak underground and have promptly acted to fix the problem, you can claim a credit for the additional water charges from the council. As licensed family plumbers in Sydney, we will issue you with a water leak claim form, which you submit to the council, once we have repaired your water leak. This helps to lower your water bill in Sydney following a hidden leak.

We're here if you need us: 1300 13 80 80

Whatever the scenario. Whether this be servicing a tap, toilet or even in the event of a dreaded burst pipe - Try not to panic.

Firstly, what service do you wish to isolate?

If it's your hot water: You'll find a control valve usually with a black, green or blue handle at the lower end of the storage heater.  Turn off clock wise to isolate.

If you require turning off the property at the meter or main control valve:

  • House owner: Usually these will be street facing around the front fence boundary. If obstructed and unobtainable, try and source the front hose tap and focus your efforts to track in-line towards the street. Most meter's you'll find a T-shaped brass handle to turn clock wise for ÓFF'.
  • Unit owner: On occasion such isolation taps can be difficult to source as there’s no real clear-cut standard as to where they're require to be located. The most common areas are: Below laundry tubs, kitchen sinks, common corridor service doors, carparks and standalone wall valves. If unsure, call your strata and have them confirm its location.

Remember, your mains water isolation valve is the most important tap around the property. ALL property owners should have knowledge on their where abouts.



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