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Blocked Storm Water - Professional & Affordable Sydney Plumbers

Pied Plumber

At The Pied Plumber, our family plumbers are experts in identifying, locating and repairing blocked storm water systems in Sydney. Storm water is composed of the runoff from rainfall events that flows from your roof, gutters, driveways and all the hard surfaces around your home, and into the storm water system. 

We make all efforts to ensure free flowing strip drainage, pits and underground absorption trenches.

3 Signs that you have blocked storm water pipes

When your storm water pipes are blocked or broken and the water doesn’t run away freely into the system, there are a few easy ways to diagnose this problem:

  • Water spurting out of your downpipes in heavy rain events
  • Water pooling around your property and not draining away
  • External drain grates overflow in rain events

If left unattended, you may be left with an emergency call and a dreaded insurance claim.

Blocked storm water drains are a common problem in Sydney and can be due to a number of causes. These include trees roots growing into the storm water pipes, debris flowing into the pipes and poorly installed pipes.

Blocked storm water pipes due to tree roots

The vast majority of blocked storm water systems are due to the overgrowth of tree roots that wrap around the pipe and find their way in through broken joints. Tree roots can enter through the smallest of cracks, widen it and grow to cause a blockage in your storm water system.  Root poisoning treatments are an effective way to prevent this problem happening again, once repairs have been completed. In most cases the common Plunger won't do, which is why our trucks accompany with the latest high pressure cleaning equipment.Also known as a jet Blaster or Jetter,

Blocked storm water pipes due to debris

Leaves, concrete, gravel and roofing mud are all well-known causes of blocked storm water drains. These materials can easily become lodged in the pipes, causing other debris to back up against it and eventually, completely blocking the storm water pipes.

Blocked storm water pipes due to poor installation

Every now and again in Sydney, we come across storm water pipes that have been poorly installed. In most cases the joints have failed and tree roots have grown into the pipes, causing them to become blocked. The only real solution is to replace the pipes, as the problem will keep recurring.

Need a Plumbing inspection?

Repairs for blocked storm water pipes



CCTV inspections:

Using our high-tech CCTV camera, we can quickly locate and identify the cause of blocked storm water pipes in Sydney homes. If the problem is tree roots, then it is advisable to remove the trees or the problem will happen again. Regardless of the cause, our family plumbers will repair your blocked storm water pipes, so they flow freely once again.

Pipe relining:

Our CCTV inspections will locate the obstructions, which are removed with a high pressure water jet. Once clear, pipe relining is an efficient way to fix blocked, broken or leaking pipes that are buried deep underground without the need for digging. 

For professional repairs of blocked storm water systems in Sydney, call the local family plumbers at The Pied Plumber on 1300 13 80 80 or complete our online enquiry form.

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If you need a dependable, professional, and experienced family plumber in Sydney, look no further than The Pied Plumber. We are dedicated to doing the finest workmanship practicable and to doing jobs accurately the first time.

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Here at The Pied Plumber - We love resolving your issues. Some seemingly more urgent than others.

We'll arrive for a leaking tap and then get that question on the way out:

"OHHH, while you're here. We have this bathroom which we barely use that smells!"

While you may have underlying plumbing issues in these cases, the most common here is that all your plumbing around the property will require regular use.

In areas where (for example) an ensuite bathroom is used every six months - what occurs here is that the water levels in the traps around the sinks and floors wastes slowly drop as they evaporate, leading to water seal loss. Odour can then travel into the bathroom from the sewer service.


There is an easy fix!


Make sure you run water services in the room at least every few weeks whilst ensuring that water always reaches the floor wastes. You may otherwise be a victim of poor plumbing design where these floor wastes may require a manual top-up.

Ensure the room is well ventilated, and if the problem persists, we're a call away!


We know design! Call the experts if you're still stuck!

1300 13 80 80

  • Water hammering or odd audible noise emanating from plumbing fixtures can commonly cause burst pipes and property damage if left unattended. It may seem insignificant but certainly, a worthy idea to check for peace of mind.


  • Water damage outside shower screens, bubbling paint along walls and adjacent rooms, dampness or discolouration around ceilings along with off stagnant odour around plumbing areas. Avoid an insurance claim, have this checked.


  • Higher than usual water bills is a relatively standard method of establishing whether you have an issue. If you're unable to identify the cause of the billing discrepancy – It might be worth having your house inspected for leaks.


  • Gurgling and varying water levels in toilets, floor wastes, and outdoor drains are a giveaway sign that you have a sewer blockage. This is the time to have your plumbing assessed to prevent overflowing drains.


  • Hot water no longer producing a reasonable tempered supply; A plethora of causes may result in this scenario – All of which should be appropriately assessed by a licenced plumber.


  • The sudden drop in your outside garden grassed area? This might sound like a sinkhole or something out worldly, although it is usually a result of drainage breaks underground.

Broken sewer lines are the usual culprit as there's a regular supply of waste passing through these pipes, which can draw in the surrounding ground as waste matter passes. These issues should adequately be assessed even if your grass has never been greener!


Since our establishment in 1995 – You've had it, we've seen it.


You absolutely can! Whether day or night, after hours or public holidays. The Pied Plumber has you and your family covered. We pride ourselves in assisting in times of need and understand that not all plumbing problems occur nine to five.

This flimsy piece of paper is documentation usually found with your house sale contracts, which can significantly assist in locating the position of below-ground sewer pipework. In essence, it’s a vague outline of your outdoor sewer service and, in most cases outdated, however, it does have relevance during scenarios where a Plumber is unable to locate essential final sewer points, as oftentimes these are buried underground in older dwellings. It also gives further knowledge on the whereabouts of mains infrastructure. 


It is always a good idea to have this document on hand ready before a plumber arrives. If unobtainable, visit the Sydney Water website and purchase a downloadable copy.

For the most part – It's not a secret language.


This refers to sets of rules outlined by countries, states and regions worldwide with the objective of providing safe method, practice and installation of plumbing materials and systems fit for public health and safety.

We operate within the guidelines of the Australian Sydney region, which is primarily governed by the AS/NZ 3500 standard and NSW code of practice.


So if you overhear a plumber saying, "That’s not to standard!” – It’s probably good news that he or she knows the rules which must be carried out.

Take it from the owner of the Pied Plumber—a pet hate of agreeing to a price and then the hidden surprise afterwards.

Since 1995 – We have never surcharged a VISA or MASTERCARD expense back to our customers. We will, however, continue to charge 1.5% on AMEX.

Our regular business hours are Monday through to Friday, 7am – 3pm. This excludes Public holidays and long weekends. However, we understand that not all plumbing issues arise between these times. If urgent, we offer after-hours, same day service if necessary.


The Pied plumber is always happy to help!

Absolutely! This can, on request, be conducted free of charge during any paid visit. A plumbing report to be issued as part of the service. including:

  • flow rate testing
  • Checking all indoor taps and toilets for leaks
  • Checking outdoor taps for leaks
  • Assessing the condition of your hot water service, including operating temperatures
  • House pressure testing

Rest assured that anyone sent to your premises is covered under the Pied Plumber business plumbing licence. You will never have a subcontractor attend as all staff are employees. Our squeaky clean record can easily be viewed by searching us on the fair trading NSW website.


We are additionally insured with 20 million public liability cover.



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