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Pied Plumber

Pied Plumber provides licensed gas fitting services in Sydney for general plumbing works. If you already have a natural gas or an LPG installation, but you are having problems with the system or appliances, you need a specialist family plumber to fix the problem ASAP.

That’s why the Pied Plumber has a 24/7 Emergency gas & plumbing service, so that if your gas problem is urgent, we can quickly identify the cause, repair it and keep everyone safe.

A Plumber near me? Absolutely! On Time On Budget with NO MESS! Just call us and your nearby Pied Plumber will be there ASAP.

Gas problems we frequently fix in Sydney


There can be a host of problems with natural gas or LPG installations, many of which can be offset by a regular gas maintenance program. If you have a gas installation, it is important that it is maintained and serviced at least every two years to avoid gas leaks or other hazards occurring. Regular gas maintenance is vital to the safety of your family.

Gas leak detection:

If you can smell sulphur or rotten eggs in your home, you may have a gas leak. We carry all the latest testing equipment to find and fix your gas plumbing issue safely.

Gas flow issues:

This can be a problem with the appliance or with the gas supply pipework – call your family gas specialists, and we will fix the problem right away.

Smelly meters:

Getting a whiff of gas every time you walk by the meter? You could have a slow, insidious leak that needs fixing. Regular gas maintenance can pick this up before it becomes life-threatening.

Hot water pilot lights:

If your hot water pilot light keeps flicking off and you constantly have to relight it, then it’s time to call in your family gas plumbers to resolve the problem.

Gas bayonet installs:

For the portability of your gas heaters, you can’t go wrong with a gas bayonet fitting in every room. These gas fittings are trendy in Sydney.

Galvanised pipe repairs:

If the galvanised gas pipes need repairing or upgrading, call the expert gas fitters at The Pied Plumber, and we will be there ASAP.

Cooktop installs:

Treating yourself to a new gas range or oven? We can make all the connections for your new natural gas or LPG supply in Sydney.

Meter upgrades:

If you need your gas meter or the regulator upgraded, call us for fast and reliable service.



For a professional Gas Fitter LPG or natural gas maintenance, repairs & installations in Sydney, call the local family plumbers at The Pied Plumber on 1300 13 80 80 or complete our online enquiry form.


Need a Plumbing inspection?

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If you're looking for a trustworthy, competent, and seasoned family plumber in Sydney, look no further than The Pied Plumber. We are committed to providing the highest possible quality workmanship and to doing jobs correctly the first time.

When only a competent family plumber can do, dial 130013 80 80 or complete our online enquiry form - We have exceptional local plumbing around Sydney at affordable rates.

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  • I could not be happier with your expertise and promptness in solving my problem. In future you will always be my plumber.
    Owen, St. Ives
  • I am very impressed by your excellent service and will be more than happy to recommend your company.
    Jane B, Redfern
  • I was very pleased with the advice and the work carried out for me. I am a very satisfied customer.
    Gwen, Kingsford
  • Sam did an excellent job. I am talking about the Pied Plumber non-stop!
    Viv, Cremorne


In this case – size does matter.


The pipe sizing of your original house before renovations and additions may be of minimum size. Suddenly you’ve doubled your required flow rates and experiencing pressure losses in either/or water and gas supplies.

This may be a result of incorrectly designed plumbing systems. Whether it’s upgrading a gas meter regulator or assessing your pipe size after your water meter through to fixtures – The Pied Plumber can evaluate your concern by providing clear options to assist.

For the most part – It's not a secret language.


This refers to sets of rules outlined by countries, states and regions worldwide with the objective of providing safe method, practice and installation of plumbing materials and systems fit for public health and safety.

We operate within the guidelines of the Australian Sydney region, which is primarily governed by the AS/NZ 3500 standard and NSW code of practice.


So if you overhear a plumber saying, "That’s not to standard!” – It’s probably good news that he or she knows the rules which must be carried out.

Whether or not you were about to ask this, the answer is a solid YES.

All jobs we attend are given a courtesy call on approach. You’ll also be assigned a mere 2-hour window, so rest assured - You won’t be tired all day waiting for a plumber!



You absolutely can! Whether day or night, after hours or public holidays. The Pied Plumber has you and your family covered. We pride ourselves in assisting in times of need and understand that not all plumbing problems occur nine to five.

Rest assured that anyone sent to your premises is covered under the Pied Plumber business plumbing licence. You will never have a subcontractor attend as all staff are employees. Our squeaky clean record can easily be viewed by searching us on the fair trading NSW website.


We are additionally insured with 20 million public liability cover.


For the hottest of hot, hot water you’ve ever seen, Rheem comes on steady, hot and strong. It just keeps going on...

It comes down to glorious advertising. However, (and sorry to burst anyone's bubble)  –  in this day and age, there’s no clear winner in the hot water brand race.

Many heaters are rebranded with matching warranties and technology and often times built in factories situated side by side.

We only recommend purchasing Heaters from Reece to ensure fast and reliable after-sales service and, above all else, suggest sticking to the top brands and not these knock offs found that your local hardware store.

Generally speaking, from stone-cold to piping hot – this process, whether gas or electric, should not exceed 30-40 minutes.

There are some exceptions here:

Is your electric hot water service powered by an off-peak setting? In this case, you’ll more than likely be waiting until the following morning to have a shower as off-peak settings are usually operational after 2 am to power your unit to its optimal temperature range.

So, your Hot Water Service is a Gas storage model? Most gas storage models actually heat quicker than electric variants. If you’re still running cold water after 30 minutes, you should probably have the setup looked at.

Heaters can be marvellously temperamental, and often times if it isn’t a power or gas issue, it can be valve related. The Pied Plumber can assist either way!


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