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May 28, 2021

Sydney Water – Claiming On Expense Related

Wastewater Blockages


Who is Sydney Water, and what is wastewater?

Sydney Water is a New South Wales government-owned corporation providing infrastructure assets for potable drinking supplies along with all primary wastewater and even some stormwater services within the entire Sydney Metro, Illawarra and Blue Mountain regions.

In essence, Sydney Water provides potable drinking supplies to your property, and it’s the same public entity that disposes of this. All water supplies after its flow through taps and toilets are considered wastewater once it reaches your drainage.

Additionally, Sydney water is responsible for treating wastewater before its release back into the environment. As technology and treatment processes evolve, Sydney Water is at the forefront of stable Australian water utilities with excellent response times, family assisting schemes and firm structures to future-proof consistently high-quality supplies and infrastructure to Sydneysiders.


What happens when a sewer main is blocked?

In most cases, Sydney water requires the blockage to be confirmed by a licenced plumber. The reason for this – most general blockages aren’t Sydney Waters responsibility as frequently it’s not located in their assets. Instead, it’s a consumer service fault.

Here’s why: Firstly, we must acknowledge what is considered a Sydney Water asset.

To simplify over two key components:

A private consumer service: 

All infrastructure from your property, including all relevant access points, gullies, shaft or boundary trap risers. This also extends to the first joint of the junction to Sydney Waters main.

Unfortunately, these are usually located past your property boundary; however, it’s still technically classified as a privately owned service. In some cases, if the first joint to Sydney Waters junction is broken, it may require replacement, or permanently rectification utilising patching or relining. This is not covered by Sydney water.

Sydney Water wastewater main: 

All pipework past the last joint towards the mains junction is a Sydney Water asset and not consumer-related.

Unless in the event that the surrounding properties are overflowing wastewater, or your property is situated within a starting position to the main. It’s more than likely blocked inside the consumer service.

We can help with Sydney Water wastewater claim forms! Call Us Now 1300 13 80 80

If you’ve already contacted Sydney Water and they’ve advised you to confirm your blockage to be an asset mains-based problem by a licensed plumber in Sydney. The Pied Plumber can assist with this!

We’ll even check surrounding properties, attempt clearing with high-pressure water, and pinpoint below-ground areas with our sonde locator if necessary.

In these cases, having a readily available household sewer service diagram can significantly assist. Sydney Water mains are frequently obstructed and concealed within surrounding homes and terrain.

This is a document usually sourced within your house sale contracts. If unattainable, you may be able to download a paid copy from the Sydney Water tap-in website.

Once confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt that the blockage is located within the main, we take the time to prefill all relevant documentation and report the issue to Sydney Water.

This includes providing them with our direct contact details, ensuring that you won’t be bothered by any unsightly technical plumbing concerns they may have.

Finally, we apply our licensing and company details to the claim for your out-of-pocket plumbing expenses.

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