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Natural Gas and LPG Installations, Repairs & Services Sydney

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At Pied Plumber we provide professional natural gas and LPG installations in Sydney, as well as repairs and services to home owners and small commercial businesses. Our gas fitters are highly trained technicians and family plumbers who arrive on time, perform a professional job and clean up before they leave.

Sydney Natural gas installations, repairs and services

Some areas in Sydney are blessed with natural gas connections, and all you need to do is to connect your home to the gas mains supply in your street. If you are unsure whether natural gas is available in your area, you can easily Google the question and find out immediately. 

Natural gas installations: For a brand new gas connection, you need to contact the natural gas supplier for your street to find out the costs of installing a gas meter on your property and arrange for the supplier to make this installation. Once you have a gas meter, our family plumbers will connect all of your appliances, such as a gas hot water system or a gas range and oven to the new gas meter. In older homes we also find galvanised gas piping which can in some cases be repaired by our licensed gas fitters

Natural gas repairs: If you haven’t kept up with regular servicing of your gas systems and appliances you might find that they don’t seem to be working as well as normal. A build-up of soot, blocked air filters and perished hoses and connections can all require urgent natural gas repairs in Sydney.

Natural gas services: Regular servicing of gas appliances and hot water systems is essential to keeping everything operating efficiently and for preventing dangerous gas leaks. As licensed family plumbers and natural gas technicians, we provide professional natural gas services in Sydney.

Sydney LPG installations, repairs and services

In areas where natural gas is not available, home owners and small businesses will need to install LPG tanks to fuel their gas hot water systems and appliances.

LPG installations: If you are ready for a new LPG installation, all you need to do is to select an LPG supplier and have the bottles delivered to your home. Our family plumbers and gas technicians will then install a gas regulator and pipes, connecting your new hot water system or appliances to the gas bottles.

LPG repairs: If you notice any problems with the operation of your hot water system or appliances that are connected to LPG, we will come in, inspect the problem and initiate LPG repairs promptly.

LPG services: It is always advisable to have your LPG fuelled hot water systems serviced regularly, as well as a check of any appliances that use LPG. An LPG service in Sydney will pick up any issues early, avoiding problems down the line.

For installations, servicing and replacements on quality parts from genuine suppliers, call the family plumbers at The Pied Plumber on 1300 13 80 80 or complete our online enquiry form.

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