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November 30, 2021

Plumbing Inspections By Licenced Professionals


Plumbing Inspections By Licenced Professionals


For your home plumbing inspection, here's a handy checklist.

In Sydney, we're giving your property's health a new lease on life.


1. Damp Or Wet Areas Around Your Property

It’s important to understand the key plumbing areas around your property in which often appear conspicuous however functional – of course until it’s too late.

The Pied Plumber has thermal imaging equipment that can swiftly determine if your shower seals and membrane are working properly. This timely and efficient approach frequently necessitates filing insurance claims before things deteriorate. We'll even look under your house to provide you a piece of mind report on any issues that aren't readily apparent. Below-ground leaks can originate from a variety of sources, including:

  • Poor sewage Design And Construction
  • Aged and leaky copper, plastic or even cast iron and soft soldered connections
  • Insufficient sub soil drainage and storm water systems

The Pied Plumber understands Sydney’s plumbing woes whilst performing quick and efficient inspections top and bottom.

2. Sewer And Stormwater Inspections

This infrastructure is usually unattractive, but it is important for the safe running of a property and, ultimately, your well-being.

These vital components usually deteriorate without warning and are frequently overlooked during the property selling process. Before signing a contract, we strongly advise you to have the drainage of your new property examined. We'll inspect the plumbing from the inside with a clear CCTV camera, ensuring that your purchase – at the very least – stands the test of time.

3. Internal Pipework And Hidden Infrastructure Checks

Examining beneath kitchen sinks, laundry tubs, hand basins, toilets, and other similar fixtures – The importance of both safe and long-lasting plumbing is critical for Sydney property owners wishing to avert often-avoidable disasters. We make certain that all external fixtures are in good working order. Checking for water staining around pipes and cupboard spaces, hosing condition under taps, and ensuring all external points have isolation for water cut off in the event of an emergency may mean the difference between a future drip and a flood. We’ll even peruse across your toilets to ensure they’re filling and flushing as they should. Cistern leaks can cause both bathroom damage along with unsustainably high water bills and often times are relatively inexpensive to rectify.

4. Hot water safety check

The Pied Plumber is well-versed in the domain of hot water. We also recognise and educate owners on the importance of hot water safety and how to avoid a potentially cold winter Sydney night without it.

Performing a short check on your service's temperature and plumbing design, as well as understanding how the service works, may appear trivial to some, but it is a critical first step for every owner to take.

We'll evaluate your pressures and temperature settings, as well as note your Hot Water service and estimated lifespan, all with the goal of increasing efficiency and safety.

5. External Property Plumbing

A comprehensive assessment of the property gives our clients peace of mind about often-overlooked elements. The Pied Plumber may run a pressure test on your water service to see if it's within safe operating parameters. A pressure test combined with a water meter inspection can also determine whether your home is losing water. High water usage can be avoided if they are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Sydney Water does provide good will billing account credits for hidden leaks - as licenced plumbers, we can aid in locating and repairing your suspected burst pipe along with assisting you with your claim.


Following the inspection, we compile a report that summarises all results which serves as a perfect point of reference for your clear understanding.


If you’re looking for a reliable, honest and long-standing plumbing team with over 25 years’ experience as a trusted Sydney name – We’re a call away 1300 13 80 80