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June 24, 2021

Common Causes Of Plumbing Noise 


We may sound like crazy Plumbers when we advise taking notice on irregularly strange plumbing-based household noise.

We’re not referring to the odd gust of wind around the roof sheeting neither; in this case, it’s precisely when you may hear plumbing sounds around parts of the home that are mysteriously communicating – fix me.

We aren’t claiming to be Plumbing whisperer’s at The Pied Plumber, but we sure know plumbing, speak plumbing language, and are great translators! 

Here is a list of frequently searched plumbing problems:

  • Toilet making hissing noises
  • High pitched noise from water pipes
  • Toilet making high pitched sounds
  • Loud vibrating noise when flushing toilet
  • Toilet making hissing noises
  • Shower whistling
  • Noisy taps
  • Drains Gurgling


Let's have a quick look at some of the top plumbing noises and concerns you may face

noisy water taps

Gurgling drainage, also known as ‘blob-blob, blob.’

Can be cute, but oftentimes – bloody horrendous!

Whether or not you have a sewer line clog, a vent blockage, or are just one of those unlucky ones that may have a poorly designed plumbing system.

The bottom line to consider is that travelling flow must have the capacity to draw atmospheric air via a vent or opening for any drainage to function.

Without that, enclosed airtight pipes will consistently attempt to pull air from whatever plumbing fixture is closest, especially if the infrastructure as a whole has no previsions to draw from elsewhere.

The noise you’re hearing is your water seals around traps, and floor wastes moving, thus sounding like air bubbles.

So essentially, if the lines are blocked, the vent may not function as expected, and if the vent is installed in an incorrect location - you’ll be hearing noises regularly!

We could literally write an entire blog about vents; however, in this case – let us keep it concise as we have much to get through!


Shaking and rattling pipes. Water pipes that is.

In many cases, these issues are prevalent in older homes and units, usually involving aged copper pipes which are loose within wall cavities that'll be sure to keep you awake during that night-owl family member shower and commonly when dishwashers and washing machines are operating. Even toilets can cause severe shuttering noise during their filling process.

You have it; we’re sure we’ve seen it – However, in many cases, fixing can involve significant and invasive works.

Our approach at The Pied Plumber is first to evaluate all other factors involved.

These include:

  • Checking operating pressures to ensure that the water flow velocity is working at safe levels.
  • Assessing valves for broken components
  • Installing water hammer arrestor devices to throttle back pressure for fixture plumbing which frequently is the root cause of these prolific concerns.
  • Assessing all accessible water plumbing infrastructure on the property for loose piping, which oftentimes contribute to such issues.

Remember, at normal operating pressures – your flow velocity at 500 KPA is around 2 metres per second.

Should you have a defective valve or span of pipework around the property, noise and shaking can really drive you nuts and may even damage your plumbing at these velocities. We always suggest having these issues professional assessed.


Squealing and Screeching Taps Valves!

We’re sure you’ve come across this as it's probably one of the most common noise-related issues we attend to—these range from a relatively musical spectrum of high-pitched whistling type sound or low pitched humming.

The key here is, don’t panic – our advice to cease use of the offending tap or valve until we arrive. You most likely have broken or blocked internal parts requiring professional help to remove and rectify.

Unfortunately, shazzam won’t help you on diagnosing this one!


The Pied plumber loves a challenge; the next time you encounter a noise-related plumbing issue – we’re only a call away!