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Rinnai Hot Water Systems in Sydney

Experts in Repairs, Service and Installation of Hot Water Systems. Electric tanks, Gas Storage and Gas Instantaneous

At Pied Plumber, our family plumbers are experts in the installation, repair and servicing of Rinnai hot water systems in Sydney.

Rinnai was established in 1920 and is a Japanese owned company, initially focussing on gas hot water systems and later expanding into the electric hot water market. They have an extensive range of hot water systems, suitable for all Australian households.

Rinnai hot water systems in Sydney

Each of the Rinnai hot water systems has unique benefits based on water efficiency, safety and reliability. The Rinnai hot water systems include continuous flow gas hot water, as well as gas or electric hot water storage systems.

Rinnai continuous flow instantaneous gas hot water heater

Designed to give home owners a never ending supply of hot water, the Rinnai Infinity system means that you will never run out of hot water. They even sell temperature control units for precise temperature control in your bathroom and kitchen.

Rinnai Instantaneous hot water: A fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water system that is compact and does not require a power point. Ideal for low hot water demands.

Rinnai Infinity: With low emission burners, Puretemp temperature control and water conservation technology, the Rinnai Gas Infinity range means that your family will never run out of hot water ever again.

Rinnai hot water storage systems

Rinnai offers single or twin element electric and gas storage tanks, as well as heat pumps, all in a large range of sizes to suit all households.

Rinnai electric hot water storage systems: Available from 25L to 400L, the Rinnai electric hot water tanks are the perfect option when you are relacing or updating an old electric hot water system.

Full model guide: 25L, 50L, 80L, 125L, 160L, 250L, 315L to 400L

Rinnai gas hot water storage systems: An easy choice when replacing your old gas storage hot water system, the Rinnai gas hot water tanks are available in 135L or 170L.

Rinnai heat pumps: The Rinnai electric heat pumps do not require solar panels, instead using heat from the air to create hot water. Heat pumps help to reduce your power bills and your environmental footprint.

Rinnai heating products

In the winter, there is nothing quite like Rinnai gas heating appliances to keep you toasty warm at home. Designed with low emission technology, the Rinnai gas heaters are highly efficient and completely safe. The Rinnai gas heating options include gas fires, ducted gas heating, energy saver heaters, and gas flued heaters.

For the installation, repair and servicing of Rinnai hot water heaters in Sydney, call the local family plumbers at The Pied Plumber on 1300 13 80 80 or complete our online enquiry form.

Find out more: http://www.rinnai.com.au/

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