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Bosch Hot Water Systems in Sydney

At The Pied Plumber, our team of family plumbers are specialists in the installation, repair and servicing of Bosch hot water systems in Sydney. Since we are also professional gas fitters, we can safely install and service other Bosch appliances that use gas, such as the Bosch standalone gas ovens.

We can also plumb in your new Bosch fridge if it requires a water supply for your ice cube dispenser and your new Bosch washing machine as well. The vast majority of Bosch products we install in Sydney homes however, are their hot water systems.

Bosch are a German company that specializes in the design and manufacture of energy efficient, reliable and high quality hot water and heating systems, as well as high end appliances.

The Bosch hot water heater

Bosch range of hot water systems includes a number of gas continuous flow options and a hot water heat pump.

Bosch gas continuous flow instantaneous hot water

Bosch OptiFlow: With the Bosch patented OptiFlow combustion management technology, the OptiFlow range is the newest innovation in continuous gas hot water at Bosch. Available from 12L to 26L/minute, this entire range comes with a 6 star efficiency rating.

Bosch mechanical ignition: These traditional mechanical ignition gas hot water systems do not require electrical power, and are the perfect option when electricity is not available. Available from 10L to 16L/minute.

Bosch condensing range: This range has a second condensing heat exchanger giving them the highest possible energy efficiency on the market, using this technology. Available from 21 to 32L/minute and in either natural gas or LPG.

Bosch hot water heat pump: Achieve superior efficiency with the Bosch hot water heat pump, which heats your water using heat from the air. It does require an electrical power supply, but is much more efficient than standard electrical storage systems.

For the installation, repair and servicing of Bosch hot water systems in Sydney, call the local family plumbers at The Pied Plumber on 1300 13 80 80 or complete our online enquiry form.

Findout more: https://www.bosch-climate.com.au/

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Fortunately, you're not alone. This is an extremely common problem in Sydney households. Most of the time this is either due to hot water cylinder rust or cast-iron pipe supply issues. (if in older properties)

Open your taps independently to check whether the discolouration occurrence is on both hot and cold sides. If your issue is predominantly from the hot side - your hot water heater is asking for a check-up.

Finding this on both sides? It's a likely supply issue.

Discolouration can range from a slight cloudy white tinge to black, brown and orange water supplies. To check, simply fill a clear cup sample and focus notibly on the bottom for sedimentation.

On occasion, even a Sydney Water street mains break can affect surrounding property supply so in the meantime, continue using your plumbing and after a day or two - if the problem persists, have this looked over.

Otherwise, give us a call! We would be more than happy to help. 1300 13 80 80

Short answer; check your cleaner packaging before use. Anything bleach based when used inside your cistern can chemically deteriorate internal rubbers and valve parts. If your cistern cleaner is bright blue in particular - this voids most manufacture warranties of cistern components.

Quick tip from the boss: If you're one to use cleaners inside the toilet rim; look into dissolvable stick-on products rather than hanging manifolds. You'd be doing yourself a huge favour as you'd be surprised how many call outs Plumbers obtain from foreign objects caught down the dunny when flushed. Some can involve fairly significant works to retrieve.

Just remember - bleach for the pan, not your cistern!

Always happy for a chat if you're experiencing any issues.

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