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Renovation Upgrades & Revamps in Sydney

On Time On Budget Property Plumbing Make Overs. Laundry, Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations.

The Pied Plumbers family plumbing service offers customers low cost upgrades & revamps in Sydney. There are numerous benefits to home renovations, but not everyone can afford major changes. This is why we offer our customers low cost home makeovers that will transform the way you live in your home and add plenty of value to your property as well.

What are low cost makeovers in Sydney?

Our affordable upgrades and revamps in Sydney are suitable for both homeowners and landlords, who have a limited budget, but want as much bang for their buck as they can manage. In the vast majority of cases, home owners and landlords don’t need to knock down walls, they just need to make the spaces more comfortable, practical and aesthetically pleasing, which is why a low cost home makeover is such a great deal.

Our family plumbers offer low cost bathroom makeovers in Sydney, as well as kitchen and laundry renovations that won’t break the bank!  

5 benefits of a low cost home renovation in Sydney

  1. Increases property value: A low cost upgrade in Sydney can make your home more attractive to buyers, particularly when they know that they don’t need to do any renovations themselves. Updating the kitchen, bathroom and laundry are the three key areas that will add value to your home.
  2. Improves your lifestyle: An old, outdated kitchen, bathroom or laundry that no longer suits your lifestyle is quite wearing and can get you down. On the other hand, a low cost makeover gives you the ability to customise these areas to suit your lifestyle, making life so much easier and more pleasant.
  3. More space: Sometimes, older homes were simply not designed for a good use of space. Rejigging the cupboards, adding new bench tops and lighting, installing new slimline appliances, sinks and tap ware can make a huge difference to the size of your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. These low cost upgrades in Sydney are an easy way to revitalise your home and gain some additional space.
  4. Lower energy costs: Installing new energy efficient appliances can seriously lower your energy bills. There are updated models for washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers that have been designed to use less water and electricity, cutting down your bills and saving you money.
  5. New trends: A low cost kitchen revamp, as well as a bathroom or laundry makeover can include all of the latest design trends to bring these spaces bang up to date. Our affordable upgrades and revamps in Sydney take advantage of up and coming trends to give you the home you have always dreamt of owning.

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